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Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: Pete Campbell Gets Lovable?

The only thing better than Pete Campbell getting punched in the face on Mad Men Season 5 was when it happened a second time. Gold.

However, we may have a new take on Pete during Mad Men Season 6, which premieres April 7 on AMC. Actor Vincent Kartheiser teased the new season in a brief interview with On the Red Carpet. He was asked if Pete would cause trouble this season. "Trouble is caused,” he answered. “I can't say who causes it, I can't say when they cause it, and I can't say who they cause it upon. But trouble is caused."

Vague much? The reporter said she loved to hate Pete, and Vincent hinted that that could change soon. “Maybe you'll love to love Pete Campbell." The reporter said she did love Pete, but he’s a “sonofagun.” Vince agreed, but added, “The world needs sonofaguns, or else what would the heroes do? What would they fix?"

Pete could be a good antihero, but he often seems closer to “villain.” He doesn’t have Don Draper’s charm — even though Don does things just as bad, he rarely takes as much heat for it. But showrunner Matt Weiner said people would be striving to grow up this season, so maybe that means we’ll see a more mature Pete. If not, just punch him again.

Source: On the Red Carpet

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