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Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Pushing 200 Pounds And Planning Crash Diet?

Kim Kardashian has now officially on record combating haters who are calling her out for packing on a few pounds, and rightfully so—she’s a pregnant woman! But now she has yet another battle to wage.

A new story in InTouch magazine claims that Kim is putting on weight at an unhealthy rate, and also that she’s planning an unhealthy way of dropping it.

Apparently, Kim is “bingeing on high-calorie foods to the point that she’s literally busting out of her clothes.”

Literally busting out? Considering how many photos of Kim we see on a daily basis, we’re pretty sure we would have noticed that little detail, but we’ll let it slide for now. Moving on.

Kim is packing on the pounds, the tabloid’s “family insider” said, by, “Eating whatever she wants — ice cream, fries, cereal loaded with sugar.”

Another “family insider” reportedly says that Kim is gaining three pounds a week instead of the usual one, and “‘could end up tipping the scales at more than 200 pounds’ by the time her baby is born.”

Two hundred pounds? Really? Even if Kim hadn’t dropped 10 pounds shortly before becoming pregnant, we would have a hard time believing that this 5’2” beauty has put on that much weight, especially considering how often she’s spotted at the gym.

But whatever the number, the tabloid claims that Kim “can’t cope with her drastic weight gain,” and that is why she’s considering going on an intense diet, that involves replacing food with smoothies for at least five days.

Kim actually mentioned this “Body Reset” diet in a post on her own blog, so we’re guessing that’s where this rumor got started, but Kim mentioned that she loves its healthy recipes, not its meal replacement plan.

After all this unpleasantness, we'd like to end on a high note. Kim, we know it's tricky, but we hope you can just tune everyone out and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Good luck!

Source: InTouch magazine via Gossip Cop

03.22.2013 / 12:14 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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