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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Ezria’s Fate and “Shocking Developments” for Ezra

Another episode, another Ezria break-up. That seemed to be a consistent theme in Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. But when Aria (Lucy Hale) walked away from Ezra (Ian Harding) during the season finale, it felt different. It felt... permanent. What do the PLL Powers That Be have to say about the future of Ezria? And what's this we hear about some “shocking developments” for Ezra in Season 4?

“[Aria’s] got to move on,” producer Oliver Goldstick told TV Guide. “We wanted to give [Ezria] a new obstacle and not just him being her teacher, but the idea that he's tethered to a family and he has adult issues most 17-year-olds don't know how to deal with or are even equipped to deal with those questions.”

Sounds pretty permanent to us. Oliver said that though Ezra’s complicated family situation was what changed things in the relationship, when Malcolm was kidnapped by “A” Team Spencer, “[Aria] had to remove herself.”

So, will Ezria stay apart in Season 4? Romantically, it seems like that is the case for now (though Oliver did imply that Ezria is still endgame), but they will still be seeing quite a bit of each other now that Ezra is a substitute teacher in the Rosewood school district: “So he'll be back in school, he'll be in the halls, he'll be in front of the chalkboard, but she has to move on and so does he.” Aria better hope flu season doesn’t take out too many teachers this year!

Oliver also teased “shocking developments” in Ezra’s storyline that will make our “eyebrows...fall off.” Apparently, they are too good to tease, but we’re still psyched to see what Season 4 has in store for Ezra. Although he got the whole Malcolm&Maggie storyline this season, we were a bit bored with his character in a show where Caleb and Paige get to run around playing significant other superheroes.

Will Ezra’s storyline have to do with his deceitful mother (she could give “A” a run for her money) or adorable baby bro Wesley? Or will he be pulled in further to “A”’s machinations? Whatever it involves, Oliver instructs us to hold onto our eyebrows! Oh, Oliver, we lost those a long time ago.

What did you think of Ezria’s big break-up? Do you want them to get back together in Season 4 or are you over Ezria? Let us know in the comments below!

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