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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Is Mona a Little Liar Now?

The Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars showed us that Mona (Janel Parrish) has “A” questions, too. It turns out that this whole time she didn’t know Red Coat’s identity, either! The ep ended with Mona seemingly one of the gang, just as shocked by the contents of Wilden’s trunk as the Liars were. Will this trend continue? Is Mona one of the Liars now?

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick told TV Guide that Mona is, indeed, allied with the girls... for now: “Mona is targeted in a big way at the beginning of Season 4 so it's a very uncomfortable, bizarre situation where she's suddenly an adjunct to the PLLs and they have to accept her into the circle. Some will say, ‘Why not accept her when she has so much insight? If she is indeed working for somebody, why wouldn't we want to keep her close?’”

So it’s one of those “keep your friends close...” situations. As long as the girls remember Mona’s less than consistent history as a friend and frenemy. Oliver said the extent to which the girls trust Mona varies.

They all have their feelings about her and that's not going to go away. It's a spectrum: Hanna has a soft spot for Mona, and I don't think Spencer has any soft spot for Mona,” said Oliver.

So, why has Mona been “kicked to the curb,” as PLL writer Bryan Holdman phrased it in this tweet yesterday? Apparently, “A” does not suffer incompetence from her minions, and is not happy with the way Mona was duped by Toby and Spencer in the Season 3 finale:

The thing about the all-powerful ‘A’ is that ‘A’ punishes people who are weak and punishes people who may be slipping,” explained Oliver. “If you're sloppy in any way, ‘A’ makes you pay for it and Mona may have been sloppy.”

Oliver also talked to TV Line about the dynamic now that there are five PLLs for the first time since Ali “died” and the new version of Mona it brings out.

“Because of some other events and what happens with [Wilden's car's] trunk, and how game-changing what they find in there is, it shifts the relationship to where Mona might be needed. She becomes more necessary to them, and they can’t necessarily ostracize or antagonize her.”

Sounds like Wilden’s Trunk is going to be the new Ali’s Dug-Up Grave - blackmail material to be used on the Liars to get them to do “A”’s bidding. This time, though, Mona may be another “A” target...or will she the Liars’ savior what with all of her inside “A” information?

Even if Mona does help the Liars, it doesn’t look like we should hold our breaths on Mona’s permanent redemption: “Mona may have a three-hour time limit on being good, but you’ve got to take advantage of those three hours!” said Oliver. “Because of what happens in the trunk, they might need to have her around.”

What do you think about Mona’s new status as a Little Liar? Can the girls trust her? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.