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Revenge Season 2: How Will The Graysons Frame Aiden Mathis?

These days, Emily Thorne’s focused on getting back in Jack Porter’s good graces, but she should be focused on her British boy toy, Aiden Mathis. Revenge’s most trigger-happy badass is getting in deeper with the Graysons than he shoul,d and no one seems to be concerned except for Daniel.

In Episode 16, “Illumination,” Danny finds out that his father, Conrad, has appointed Aiden the treasurer of The Amanda Clarke Foundation. At first he’s upset, but that escalates to a whole new level when he learns what Conrad’s really using Aiden for.

“Whilst every dime we collect in Amanda Clarke’s honor will be distributed to those in need, neither the patrons nor the future treasurer of the ACF will never be aware of its true purpose,” Conrad said.

“This whole foundation is a front? You are unbelievable,” Daniel spits back.

“After the downing of Flight 197, the investigation tied up all of our capital,” Conrad revealed. “We could have lost everything, Daniel. Well, this time I intend on keeping our assets out of the government’s reach.”

“And here I thought you were just doing this for your conscience,” Daniel replied.

“No, in fact, my intent here was to lift the weight off your’s,” Conrad said. “You’ve clearly been dragging your feet in targeting Mr. Mathis and as you’ve said, ‘I’ve already framed one man,’ right? When The Initiative inevitably lowers its hammer it needs to appear that Mr. Mathis not only assisted in the plot, but that he’s taken off with our money.”

This would shift The Initiative’s focus to Aiden, putting him in serious danger.

And when Daniel runs into Emily Thorne’s arms in a poetic huff, she practically pushes him in the direction of taking down Aiden.

Maybe Ems and Aiden have a backup plan to stay out of harm’s way, but when a major terrorist organization is involved, all bets are off.

Do you think Aiden could die as a result of the Graysons’ actions? Weigh in below!

03.22.2013 / 02:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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