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Snooki’s Baby, Lorenzo, Has an iPad in His Crib: Too Cute or Too Much? (PHOTO)

We know lucky little Lorenzo has no shortage of love in his life, as his parents are the amazing, doting Snooki and Jionni. But this little guy has his fair share of awesome toys, too, including tons of stuffed animals, a baby Einstein, and even an iPad!

Yup. He may only be 7 months old, but Lorenzo’s already getting introduced to shiny electronics. At this rate, he may be a bit of a computer wiz by the time he turns 3!

When Snooki initially Instagrammed a photo of Lorenzo in his pimped-out crib, we thought the screen playing cartoons that was attached to the headboard was a mini TV. Turns out it’s actually an iPad!

Jionni recently Instagrammed another adorable pic of Lorenzo hanging out in his baby room, peering over the crib while Jionni teased in his caption, “Um Lorenzo I can see you!!” And this time we got another view of the iPad.

When some “fans” realized what it was, they took to Twitter to criticize Snooki’s parenting. “Why the hell does your baby have an iPad in his crib!” one person tweeted her. “That’s ridiculous!!” We can picture Snooki rolling her eyes as we read her response: “He likes music. Let my baby live.”

Another person tweeted in agreement to the critic, declaring, “It is a bit ridiculous. Does he have a cell phone too?” Snooki’s response was nothing short of awesome: “Yes an iPhone 5 and he calls to chat everyday.” Hah!

An iPad supporter tweeted a picture of their own son playing with his iPad, which Snooki found adorable and retweeted with encouragement, “OMG SO CUTE.” While we’re no experts on whether iPads are appropriate or not for babies, we trust Snooki and Jionni’s judgment. After all, it sounds like he’s not really playing with the iPad, just enjoying the music that it plays in his crib!

What do you think? Is his crib’s iPad too cute or a little too much? Share below!