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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Live Recap: “Because the Night” – Punk and Disorderly!

It’s time for our The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 17, “Because the Night” live recap chat! We’ll have our full Vampire Diaires recap up after the show, but until then, you can follow along with our live chat, starting at 8 p.m. We’ll be here with our Ramones records and “I <3 NY” shirts, ready to answer your questions, comments, and concerns, so keep refreshing frequently. Update! The full recap is up now!

Elena (Nina Dobrev) is still dwelling in No-Emotionsville, so Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has shuffled her off to New York City. There, they’ll take in the sights and get some bites. Not only will the pair of blood fans watch fireworks on a rooftop (and maybe make some of their own?), they’ll head to a club to hunt for anonymous victims. But Damon is also keeping an eye out for cure clues.

Rebekah (Claire Holt) joins them in the city, and the band Dead Sara provides the music for the episode. The atmosphere transports Damon back to the 1970s, when he was living in New York and hanging out with Lexi. We don’t know where Stefan (Paul Wesley) was during this decade, but his best friend was trying to get his brother back on track, emotionally.

In present-day Mystic Falls, Stefan and Caroline (Candice Accola) decide to make a deal with the devilish Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Sure, Silas can kill Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and perhaps end the world, but stealing blood bags? That shall not stand!

Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) back — sort of. We haven’t seen the witch since she was conspiring with Shane/Silas, and she’s still struggling to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Who’s ready for punk rock Damon?

8:00 — Here we go. Previously on!

8:01 — This is how Law and Order eps start.

8:02 — Appropriate music for Damon. #Psycho killer.

8:05 — Poor Caroline. Always cleaning up the messes.

8:05 — We’d take what’s in Klaus’s wine cellar over those leftovers in plastic party cups.

8:07 — Bonnie needs new mentors.

8:08 — This is the most complicated suicide.

8:09 — Every place in the ‘70s is still cool 30 years later.

8:14 — Mystic Falls to NYC is 7 hours.Good to know.

8:16 — Minions pick up dry cleaning? Where can we get some?

8:17 — Someone raided the library at Hogwarts.

8:24 — The band playing is Dead Sara, FYI.

8:25 — Damon: Hotter in the ‘70s or today?

8:26 — People in NYC are just as oblivious as those in Mystic Falls.

8:27 — “This is witch business.” We’re ALWAYS saying that.

8:28 — Coven? We miss Secret Circle!

8:30 — Magic geometry is still geometry.

8:31 — Not digging Bonnie’s blank stare.

8:35 — Damon’s not having fun?

8:37 — Flashback within a flashback?

8:38 — That’s one way to flip the switch back to “on”...

8:39 — Magellan and the felon.

8:46 — This is a long spell.

8:46 — Oh, never mind.

8:47 — This show and its triangles.

8:49 — Cold, Damon. Or should we say, hot?

8:51 — Borderline evil? It sounds like it crossed the line, Elena.

8:55 — Oh, that’s just not fair to Bonnie.

8:56 — Not very nice, Klaus.

8:57 — Of all the things, Damon hates the grand theft auto the most.

8:58 — Thelma and Louise.

8:59 — That may have been a miSTAKe.

9:00 — Next week: Double trouble!

03.22.2013 / 04:03 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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