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Grey's Anatomy

Watch Grey’s Anatomy Online: Season 9, Episode 18: “Idle Hands” (VIDEO)

The drama can’t stop, won’t stop at the newly-named Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and on Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 18: "Idle Hands,” the doctors were all over the place. But if you weren’t there to catch the drama unfold in real-time, Wetpaint Entertainment has got you covered.

Watch the full episode below, but in case you need a refresher, here’s what’s been going down for the docs. (Of course, you can also read our recap from last night’s ep!)

Meredith and Derek’s McBaby is on the way, but before it even enters the world, she’s driving her husband McCrazy with intense paranoia. Last night, however, Cristina and Alex managed to help calm her dark-and-twisty fears, and the sex of the baby is finally revealed.

Meanwhile, Jackson is trying to manage his new duties at the hospital, which includes dodging Bailey and her new project plans and avoiding April at the same time. As for the born-again virgin? She’s trying to figure out how to keep herself from “going to the circus” — aka having sex with her actual virgin boyfriend Matthew, whom she’s hiding her non-virgin status from — and distracting herself with the shiny new gadgets and gizmos in the ER. Arizona and Callie, however, definitely went to the circus for the first time in a long time, which has been building up all season.

So much more happened in the episode, but to catch all of the drama, you’ll have to watch the episode below!

03.22.2013 / 09:05 PM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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