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The Bachelor

Bachelor Alum Jackie Gordon Reveals How She Met Her Banker Fiance

Jackie Gordon may not have been lucky in love on The Bachelor Season 15, but love has found her and it was totally worth the wait! Jackie just got engaged to boyfriend fiance Marcus Kline, and she shared their adorable story with Glamour. It’s just as good as anything you’d see cooked up on reality TV, and blessedly Brad Womack-free.

Jackie’s story begins, as so many modern love stories do, at a bar.

On leap day, January 29, 2012, Jackie was at a New York bar celebrating its one year anniversary (or does that mean four year? We’re sketchy on this math, but that’s neither here nor there). She’d been invited as a TV personality and, to hear her tell it, she “wasn't particularly looking to meet anyone at the time."

So when a guy approached Jackie and a girlfriend, she wasn’t having it. She sent the charmer—“confident, borderline cocky, and asking us boring questions that every single girl in New York is sick of being asked"—on his way.

He rejoined his friend at the bar, and when Jackie saw said friend ask how the intro had gone, something dawned on her. It was shy friend and not cocky frontman that wanted her attention! That was a different story. "That guy was my type,” she recalled. “He was tall, strong looking and very handsome, with a genuine smile. How could I pass up meeting THAT guy? And just like that, I walked up to them and reintroduced myself. The rest is history."

Almost a year after that romantic first date, which apparently included kamikaze shots, Marcus proposed to Jackie at their fave winery, Wolfer Estate. On one knee. In the snow.

Or at least there was snow, until we heard that story and our hearts melted all over the place and ruined everything. Sorry about that. (Not sorry.)

Congrats, Jackie and Marcus!

Source: Glamour