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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Sean Lowe on “The Murgalo” & Goofy Contest With Kellie and Derek

Sean Lowe comes off as this earnest, Captain America type, but he has a seriously silly sense of humor. The former Bachelor, now Dancing With the Stars Season 16 contestant, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, talking about how his DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd is like a sister to him and they’ve been goofing around during rehearsals.

Jimmy flashed this wacky Sean and Peta climbing-a-pole photo, and Sean explained what the heck they were doing. "We got in a competition with Derek Hough and his partner [Kellie Pickler] on who can take the goofiest picture. We saw this pole yesterday and we thought, 'Well, maybe we can act like koalas, take a picture.' Now it's Derek's turn to outdo us." Never challenge Derek Hough to outdo you! He lives for that kind of thing.

Jimmy also showed a photo of Sean and Peta creating their own unique dance move called "The Murgalo," based on their DWTS team name. "We're trying to make it catch on so hopefully the kids in school will start doing it and take pictures," Sean said. Jimmy said it looks like The Worm if you stop halfway through it. (Then fall asleep!)

What do you think? Will "The Murgalo” catch on? Some fans are tweeting their own Murgalos. And will Kellie & Derek find a way to outdo Sean & Peta or is that koala pole as goofy as it gets?

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live (via YouTube)