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Did Brielle Zolciak Really Write “Tardy for the Party?”

We’re still trying to process the news that Kandi Burruss filed a lawsuit against her one time collaborator and touring partner, Kim Zolciak, over royalties from their song, “Tardy For The Party”. But what’s even crazier is the fact that Kim’s 16-year-old daughter, Brielle, is at the center of the dispute!

According to a recent tweet from the teen, Brielle wrote the song when she was a mere nine years old! And while this doesn’t surprise us, considering the song isn’t exactly Grammy-worthy, Kandi isn’t buying it. Instead, Kandi claims that it was only after she stepped in that the track became what it was, i.e. a monster party jam.

But Kim and her people are backing the tweet up, saying that Kandi was fairly compensated and is only drumming up old news now to get the buzz going around her spin-off The Kandi Factory!

We have no idea why these ladies are fighting over a song that could have been feasibly written by a nine year old, but to quote another classic, “mo’ money, mo’ problems”!

What do you think: Did Brielle Zolciak pen “Tardy For The Party”?