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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Baby Name Game!

Ever since super-excited papa-to-be Kanye West announced from an Atlantic City stage that girlfriend Kim Kardashian was pregnant, the entertainment world has been abuzz with all things Kimye. Now that Kim’s July due date is fast approaching, the focus of the fervor is shifting (slightly) away from Kim’s pregnancy and towards baby Kimye herself! Or himself! The suspense is killing us!

Kim and Kanye are being as coy as many expectant parents when it comes to the names they’re considering for their little one, which, of course, only makes us all more curious.

Some rumored names that have popped up so far are Liv, because Kim apparently loves actress Liv Tyler and also a Miami club called Liv; and North, because Kanye likes the idea (and evidently trusts that famous parents will keep a third-grader named North West from being teased mercilessly).

Now we’re just waiting for the rumor to pop up that Kanye wants to name his baby “Wild.” about “Key”? After all, these two love Florida, it starts with a K, and that would be a totally absurd name to saddle a child with. So far, that seems to be what the baby name rumor mill is working with!

What do you think, what would good names for Baby Kimye be? Sure, the rumors are a little ridiculous, but they’re also way more fun than just listing names that start with K. Do your worst!