Kim Richards Says Drug-Free Nose Job Recovery Was “Almost Like a Miracle”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards Says Drug-Free Nose Job Recovery Was “Almost Like a Miracle”

Kim Richards surprised everyone — including sister Kyle Richards — when she decided to get a nose job in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 12.

Because of her history of substance abuse, surgery is a tricky thing. Kim worried that she would fall off the wagon because of the pain (and subsequent pain medication) associated with going under the knife.

Thankfully for Kim, a nose job is much less invasive and painful than getting breast implants. Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregorian, said that for some nose jobs, pain medication isn’t even needed.

Speaking to Too Fab, Kim Richards said it was a miracle that her surgery went so smoothly.

“I never really had very much pain at all,” she said. “I kept it iced, but the pain never really happened, it never really hurt. I was just very relaxed. He [Dr. Gregorian] would say I might have some pain and bruising the next day and it just never came, almost like a miracle — a blessing from above.”

The doctor even told Kim that her post-surgery recovery was the easiest he’s ever seen.

“My bandage even fell off because there was no swelling,” Kim said. “I just did everything he told me to do prior.”

While we think Kim was already fabulous before her nose job, we’re glad the beauty boost has helped her feel more confident about her looks!

Source: Too Fab