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Parents Punish Girl By Making Her Hold “I’m a Self-Entitled Teenager” Sign in Public

Gentry and Renee Nickell were so concerned about their daughter’s lack of respect that they decided to take things to the next level. The Florida couple made their 13-year-old girl spend 90 minutes at a busy intersection holding a hand-written sign, referring to herself as, “a self-entitled teenager with no respect for authority.”

The sign went on to say, “I’m also super-smart, yet I have 3 D’s because I DON’T CARE.”

This very public punishment must have been mortifying for the teen. Passengers in cars stopped to snap photos, which ended up on Facebook and were shared with the community. One concerned citizen even thought to call the police. According to police records, officers came and spoke to the girl, but left after deciding "(she was) aware of her punishment and was not in any harm."

The Nickells were completely surprised that the whole thing went viral, and by some people’s angry reactions to the punishment. The girls’ mother told the Northwest Florida Daily News, “I wasn’t even thinking about what the public was going to think. I was thinking about my daughter.”

The mixed reactions prompted the family to release a statement. Among other things, they implored the public to, "Walk a mile in someone's shoes. We spend so much focus on not wanting to hurt a child's self esteem that we don't do anything."

The Nickells said they tried other methods of punishing the girl, to no avail. "We just got to the point where we just didn't know what else to do."

The parents have reported that the girl's behavior has improved since Saturday. Her mom says, “I asked her, ‘Were you scarred? Traumatized?’" "She said, ‘No mom, I knew it was coming.”

What do you think: Is public humiliation a valid parenting choice when you’ve tried everything else?

Source: Northwest Florida Daily News

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03.23.2013 / 03:03 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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