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Jersey Shore

Snooki and Her Baby, Lorenzo, Sing to Jionni For His Birthday! (PHOTO)

Lorenzo has been growing up so fast in the past few months, reaching a ton of baby milestones from touching his feet for the first time and playdates with “big kids” to celebrating his first Christmas and Valentine’s Day. He even started giggling recently (too cute!), and now singing may be in his future as well.

Snooki Instagrammed the most adorable photo ever of her holding Lorenzo while helping his daddy, Jionni, celebrate his 26th birthday with singing and an ice cream cake. “Our little fam,” Snooki captioned the pic. “Singing happy bday to @jlavalle5.” Aww!

Snooki looked gorgeous in the pink and black dress she picked out for her fiancé’s romantic birthday dinner, and Jionni seemed excited, caught on camera doing what appears to be some kind of drumroll on the kitchen counter, while Lorenzo smiled happily, looking precious in his striped footie pajamas.

And as if this scene wasn’t cute enough, Jionni’s tiny ice cream cake has only one candle! They’re definitely an awesome little family, and we always love an excuse to see the latest pic of baby Lorenzo. He’s getting so big so fast!

We wonder if Lorenzo tried to sing along with his mama. Pretty soon he’ll start learning how to talk, one of the most exciting developments babies go through. We wonder what his first words will be. What do you think? Share below!