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Pretty Little Liars

Spring Breakers Review: Pretty Little Liars React to Ashley Benson’s New Film

Spring Breakers isn’t for everyone. If you’re more familiar with Selena Gomez as a teenage witch on Wizards of Waverly Place — or can recall the time when Vanessa Hudgens was soaring with Zac Efron — then there’s a high possibility you might find yourself squirming in your seat at the sight of Alex Russo, Gabriella Montez, and Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna Marin boozing it up in itsy bitsy neon bikinis.

(However, seeing them burst into song halfway through the film was a nice, nostalgic touch — and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as Troy Bolton singing to his reflection during “Bet on It.”)

Yet, Harmony Korine’s homage to MTV’s Spring Break is as hypnotic and tantalizing as it is gratuitous and overexposed. At times it’s a dizzying mix of skin, violence and Skrillex — other times, it’s playful and almost innocent (cue Britney Spears’ “Everytime” montage).

While James Franco is the clear scene-stealer in this flick — after all, his character Alien has “shorts in every color” and “plays Scarface on repeat” — Ashley Benson makes quite a lasting impression as bad girl Brit.

We decided that only way to effectively summarize all of feelings about Spring Breakers was to let our favorite Little Liars do it for us. Here’s what Wetpaint Entertainment thought of Ashley’s gritty new flick — using Pretty Little Liars GIFs!

Candy, Brit, Cotty and Faith are sick of their mundane college lives, but they don't have enough money to fund their Spring Break trip.

 photo tumblr_mj3twrqS3o1s7qj6eo1_500_zps4dccc745.gif

So Candy and Brit decide to rob a Chicken Shack.

 photo tumblr_mje0213RIE1rwuylqo1_500_zps383c4525.gif

Church girl Faith isn't so down with using stolen money to fund their debaucherous vacay...

 photo tumblr_m98yksM6g71rs01w1_zpsa9100699.gif

But whatever, it's Spring Break, bitches!

 photo tumblr_m8x1e1qLL41rxgnvao1_500_zpsea336873.gif

So they get to Florida, and it's like...

 photo tumblr_ma700d2QQg1rxm95zo1_r1_500_zps0757fdd4.gif

Faith feels like she can finally be herself.

 photo -3_zpsae00ebae.gif

But then they get busted by the cops at an early afternoon rager.

 photo pll20gifs_zps06f538a0.gif

They blew all their money on scooters and booze, so they can't afford bail.

 photo tumblr_mjgcbif48L1s4yr0ho1_500_zps50c57be5.gif

But don't cry, Selena Gomez! James Franco is here to bail you out!

 photo tumblr_mj1xu1IKSW1s4yr0ho1_500_zps11df3d6d.gif

He introduces them to his sketchy friends, and Faith feels super uncomfortable.

 photo tumblr_minafs06U21qmxhobo1_500_zps0211ccdc.gif

And then she cries. We all feel sad.

 photo tumblr_m9hyv57wkL1r3huu1_zps4251451d.gif

So she decides to take the bus back home to wherever it is they're from.

 photo tumblr_micldpacCy1rjb07wo1_500_zps9856a4e5.gif

Alien introduces Candy, Brit and Cotty to his life of crime: shorts in every color, Scarface on repeat, a room full of guns, etc.

 photo XK1dYG_zps573d8439.gif

They're all still walking around in bikinis, FYI.

 photo tumblr_min5dwAITv1s66m5po1_500_zpsc7eb1086.gif

And then they all sing "Everytime" by Britney Spears. No, seriously. James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson sing "Everytime."

 photo tumblr_mj9y4iLdRS1ruz7vmo1_500_zps28db65d0.gif

Also, [SPOILER] gets shot.

 photo tumblr_mh32zlIeAE1qmxhobo1_500_zps371807f3.gif

Then there's a threesome in the pool.

 photo tumblr_mgz7d4xamQ1rq7654o1_500_zps63e47773.gif

Did we mention there was more violence?

 photo tumblr_merxibpiA51rxgnvao1_500_zps3daf2446.gif

Pretty soon there's a shoot-out and you're on the edge of your seat.

 photo tumblr_midvi8ZE7L1s66m5po1_500_zps0bdd59c0.gif

But it's okay because Skrillex is playing.

 photo 27296137_zps57c2d685.gif

People die, but whatever. We're used to that in Rosewood.

 photo tumblr_mi855oImrA1qbl30fo1_500_zps6fab1f65.gif

Right, Alison?

 photo -1_zpsec045b18.gif

OMG! Is that Ellie Goulding? I love this song!

 photo tumblr_inline_mi7o92ZZCl1qz4rgp_zpse7078f12.gif

The end.

Spring Breakers hits theaters nationwide on March 22. Have you seen the gritty flick? Tell us what you thought of Ash's big screen debut in the comments below!

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