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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Ian Somerhalder Says Damon’s Worried — Exclusive

The Vampire Diaries Elena (Nina Dobrev) has never been a shrinking violet, exactly. (Remember that time she threatened to cut her own throat — and meant it?) Yet she’s needed Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) to save her countless times. Now that she’s a vampire with her humanity switched off, it may be the humans who need to be saved from her.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Ian Somerhalder about the new Elena. Sure, she can kick ass, but is there a downside to that?

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Wetpaint Entertainment: You, Ian, think Elena is a badass now, but is Damon of the same mindset or is he a little worried about her?
Ian Somerhalder: You know, I don’t know about worried. Yeah, actually, I do know about worried. The good thing is that she’s not as vulnerable as she once was, you know what I mean? She can really hold her own and take care of herself. But the problem is that now that Damon asked her to turn her humanity off, it backfired on him, big time.

Let’s be honest with each other. Damon did not want her to take this cure. It’s not in his best interest. He’s gonna lose her! But the reality of it is if she continues on this path, it’s a path of destruction. And Stefan wants her to take it, and I think that ultimately it’s just a great kind of push-pull, which makes the story dynamic, which we enjoy. The boys need to fix this situation. She’s saying, “I don’t need fixing.” Basically, “F**k off, boys.” So they’re in it together, but for different reasons. Damon sort of really doesn’t want to have to do it, so it makes for great storytelling.

So will Damon and Stefan be working together for a bit?
They’re on the same side, just different angles. Their code of arms is just different.