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American Idol

Who Will Win American Idol 2013? Our Prediction From the Top 8 Results

As the weeks go on in season 12 of American Idol, we are beginning to realize that there are many contenders. However, the guys are–how do we put this delicately? They’re not looking good when it comes to the long haul. It’ll be the girls, battling it out on the Idol stage until the end. And when it comes to the last five girls remaining, it’s anyone’s guess who will take the ultimate prize.

Each of the girls remaining could win, although Amber Holcomb doesn’t seem to have the following that the other girls have. Of course, one has to consider the power of social media when predicting who is going to win it all. Consistency is also key, and two people have been insanely consistent since the beginning are Angie Miller and Kree Harrison.

We could easily see the finale coming down to these two amazing performers, but who will will win American Idol 2013? Our prediction based on the Top 8 results is Kree.

We hate to bore you, as we’ve been predicting this for a while now, but we still think this girl is “in it to win it,” as Randy Jackson would say. Unlike the other hopefuls this past week, Kree had a good grasp on how to perform a Beatles song and stay true to its roots (shame on the others!). And, as mentor Jimmy Iovine pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the Nashville-based country singer has an uncanny knack for picking out songs that are perfectly suited to her vocals. That’s a gift, and one the others falter on here and there. We think all of these things could carry her through to the end.

Who do YOU think will win American Idol 2013?

03.23.2013 / 06:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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