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Eva Mendes Has Tested Dog’s Electric Shock Collar on Herself!

Ouch! We all love our pooches, but maybe not as much as Eva Mendes. The smoldering starlet, and apple of Ryan Gosling’s piercing blue eye, opened up to David Letterman about her puppy love, admitting that she has tested her dog’s shock collar on herself!

Eva’s dog’s name is Hugo, and he’s a Belgian Malinois a breed related to the German Shepherd. Eva couldn’t bear to see her beloved pup hurt any creature that doesn’t pose a threat, so to keep him in line, she uses an electric shock collar. Many animal lovers disagree with the use of such devices, but Eva assures us that she knows from firsthand experience just how the collar works!

“I have the remote,” Eva exclaimed, adding, “I've tried it on myself at all levels. I swear!”

Intrigued and probably a little worried, Letterman asked, “What does that mean, at all levels?!”

Eva explained: “It goes from zero to 10, I do not do it on my neck. I tested it on my arm. It's more than a tingle, it's way more than a tingle.”

We bet it is! We’re sure Eva has the best intentions for Hugo when she tests out the electric collar on herself, but there’s a big difference between human and canine! Dogs are known to have a much higher pain threshold than people not to mention naturally thicker skin, and fur!


03.24.2013 / 09:38 PM EDT by Nicole Spector
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