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Pregnant Kate Middleton Camps With Cub Scouts — and Eats Dough Treats!

Pregnant Kate Middleton has wilderness survival skills? Who knew!

Kate spent March 22 volunteering at a Cub Scout camp in the snowy woods in England, where she taught campers to start fires and make doughy snacks, according to People.

During the training day for scout volunteers, Kate spent time joking around with the kids and was even on a first-name basis with them.

"We just called her Kate," Fatima Vukhari, age 9, says. "She seems like a princess because she looks really pretty and had really nice hair."

So her hair manages to be amazing even in the woods? We need her to give us tips!

"She would help us with lots of things," Fatima adds, and another scout points out that she was "really normal."

One volunteer, 32-year-old Abid Saleh, joined Kate as they got their hands messy fixing "twists" of dough which they later cooked over the campfire.

"You could tell she enjoys volunteering," Abid says, as she was "very relaxed and easy to be around."

A pic of Kate cooking by the fire with a huge smile on her face can be seen here.

So what did Kate who's expecting a baby this summer with Prince William think of the cooked dough snacks?

"It's actually ... not bad, if you're desperately hungry," Kate joked. "It's quite sugary."

We love how down-to-earth she is! We're guessing her little one will love nature just as much as she does.

Source: People, People

03.24.2013 / 01:28 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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