Sean Lowe: Acting Like “A Diva” on the Set of Dancing with the Stars 2013?
Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC    
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Dancing With The Stars

Sean Lowe: Acting Like “A Diva” on the Set of Dancing with the Stars 2013?

Uh-oh! Could it be that America’s favorite boy next door (with the best biceps on the planet) has a mean streak? We’re talking about Sean Lowe, of course!

Rumor has it that the former
Bachelor star, is less than a joy to work with on the set of Dancing with the Stars!

TMZ is reporting that sources closely affiliated with Dancing with the Stars are claiming that Sean has gone all sorts of diva on them! The mild-mannered Texan may have some serious sass under that wholesome facade. Sources relay that Sean is picky about what angles he’s shot from (we didn’t know there was a bad angle), and that he’s less than friendly with crew and cast members. Sean is being accused of bragging that the show “needs” him.

Yikes. This doesn't sound like Sean! What would his new fiancee, Catherine say? We don’t think she’d tolerate that behavior one bit! As of now, it’s just a rumor swirling, and we hope it turns out that Sean is as great as we all believed him to be. Good manners are important to Sean and we doubt he’d lose them so fast! What’s more, t
he executive producer of Dancing with the Stars, Conrad Green, denied reports of a bad attitude, telling TMZ, "Sean is a pleasure and there is nothing diva-like about him."

Sean has been cutting up the floor with dancing partner, Peta Murgatroyd. His bride-to-be, Catherine, has been an enthusiastic supporter of Sean’s participation, and was a front row guest at the season premiere, which saw Sean and Peta perform a foxtrot that snagged them 19 points.