Are the Dancing With the Stars 2013 Pros Hazing Gleb Savchenko? — Exclusive
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ ABC    
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Dancing With The Stars

Are the Dancing With the Stars 2013 Pros Hazing Gleb Savchenko? — Exclusive

It’s never easy being the new guy, much less the new guy on one a hit TV show watched by millions each week. So you could definitely say Dancing With the Stars 2013 newcomer Gleb Savchenko is feeling the heat. Then again, he’s giving it off too…every time he loses his shirt to show off that hot body and those amazing abs.

But Gleb isn’t a total newbie – he did appear in the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars and is already friends with several of the American pros thanks to a long career on the dance circuit. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder, do the pros haze the new people? To find out, we asked the man himself!

How does American Dancing with the Stars differ from the Australian version?

Oh, it’s completely different. Everything here is so much bigger.

Since you’re the new guy, are the other pros hazing you?

Ha, no. Actually, everyone here has been completely supportive and all of them have offered their help. I actually came to the show knowing a lot of them. Karina, Tony, Val and Cheryl, I’ve known them from years of seeing them at competitions and having the same dance teachers. They’ve all let me know that they’re here for me.

Even so, being the new guy does come with a lot of pressure…

Totally. It’s stressful because no one’s seen what I can do yet. My partner, Lisa [Vanderpump], hasn’t seen me dance so I understand if she’s worried that maybe I can’t take her to the top.

From the cast, whom do you hang out with the most?

Karina, Cheryl, and Val. We go to lunch together a lot, but after a day of rehearsal, we all just usually go home because we’re so tired.

What do you think of the new category, contemporary? Does it have to mean bare feet?

I think it’s great, it’s something new and exciting that adds a really different flavor to the show. And no, you don’t have to be barefoot, but it really is the proper way. I guess you can do it in shoes, but definitely not in heels. It depends on the style and the number.

We’ve already seen you shirtless a few times. Do you mind stripping down for the show?

Oh no, I’ve been going without a shirt for a long time. I don’t mind at all.

Funny that — neither do we!

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