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Chris Brown Reacts to Glee Violence Diss

Glee is known for taking a potshot or two at celebrities, which isn’t always appreciated by the stars themselves (hello, Lindsay Lohan). So how does Chris Brown feel about finding himself on the Glee dartboard?

In Season 4, Episode 17: “Guilty Pleasures,” Jake wants to sing a Chris Brown song as his guilty pleasure, but he gets talked out of it by the rest of New Directions, who don’t approve of decisions Chris has made in his personal life.

In other words, Glee wasn’t particularly complimentary toward Chris. And what did Chris himself think of the episode? Apparently, he wasn’t too rattled by it.

“He don’t care,” a friend of Chris’s tells Hollywood Life. “Nobody cares. Next.”

We’re not too surprised that Chris isn’t upset about Glee’s comments, considering Chris manages to tune out a lot of criticism he gets for his 2009 attack on girlfriend Rihanna.

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Still, Chris has occasionally been provoked into an angry rant, as when he and comedian Jenny Johnson got into a bitter Twitter feud in 2012, with Chris sending her vulgar messages before deleting his Twitter account for a bit. So we’re glad things didn’t get so heated this time around.

Among the more notorious celebrity reactions to Glee’s jabs was Lindsay Lohan’s, when she was rumored to be considering suing the show for making cracks about her in “The Substitute.” Luckily, she and the show made up, and she later appeared in an episode.

And Chris might have a legit reason to complain about Glee dissing him, considering that the show appears to have a double standard toward violence. At any rate, we’re glad Chris isn’t hung up on the episode.

Source: Hollywood Life

03.25.2013 / 10:54 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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