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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Post “Happy and Sober” Couple’s Pic

If you're worried about Jenelle Evans, don't be. This Teen Mom 2 lady is clean and sober, and so is her on-again-off-again husband, Courtland Rogers. The couple just recently reunited after a rough patch (by which we mean Jenelle pressed abuse charges against Courtland and suffered a miscarriage), but things are looking up.

"Happy and sober :)" Jenelle posted on March 24, alongside a picture with her boo at a local watering hole.

Now if you're wondering about that fruity blue beverage behind the couple, let us explain. Or rather, let Courtland explain.

"First off I never said I was sober," the 27-year-old told his Twitter haters. "I drink every once n a while CIROC. !!! Kill me...but I am sober from hard drugs and am proud to say."

And as for Jenelle, she's also abstaining from drugs, though it seems she does indulge in the occasional drink.

"Went out last night for one drink and left at 11pm. ;) social drinking is ok to me. Going out every once in a while is ok with me," she wrote on Facebook. "Last time I went out with Courtland was on New Years! It's been a while and it was due for a night out. :)"

Sounds like the 21-year-old reality starlet finally has her life under control, which could be attributed to her recent stint in rehab earlier this month. Although she claims she was there for emotional issues and "relationship addiction," her lawyer Dustin Sullivan told E! news she was undergoing treatment for drug use. Either way, we're happy to report that Jenelle is back on the straight and narrow — and so is Courtland!

"My wife has never been this sober in a longggggg time b happy quit hatin haters @PBandJenelley_1 I very proud of u," he wrote.

Aww, cheers to that!