Kim Kardashian’s Tricks to Cover Up Her Pregnancy Weight
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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian’s Tricks to Cover Up Her Pregnancy Weight

Kim Kardashian has always been curvy. It's only now that her pregnancy is progressing that she's wanting to cover those curves up.

With reports surfacing that Kim is having a difficult time coming to terms with her gained pregnancy weight, here are the five ways she's actively trying to hide the weight while maintaining a public profile.

1. Coverage

Many of her outfits have included floor-length skirts and dresses to help cover the wideness of her new body.

2. Pantsuits

While normally she would abstain from the conservative style of a pantsuit, she's grown to rely on them and the definition they provide.

3. Hiding Her Asset

Before pregnancy, Kim was very open with her famous rear-end, but its expansion during the pregnancy has lead to Kim keeping it covered.

4.Dark Colors

Kim has grown to rely on the size-concealing nature of dark clothes and their ability to mask perception about actual size.

5. Spanx, Spanx and more Spanx

Kim has confirmed that she's more concerned with masking the weight gain as opposed to dressing her baby bump, which makes sense given the pictures that have been snapped showing her wearing the body contouring shapewear.

But now with Jennifer Lopez's style team on the payroll, expect to see Kim embracing her body instead of approaching it with smoke and mirrors.

Source: In Touch Weekly