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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha and Kordell Stewart Visit a Marriage Counselor: Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap, Season 5, Episode 19

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down with Porsha Stewart on Season 5, Episode 19 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

After last week's heart-to-heart between Porsha and Kordell, where Porsha ended up in tears after her husband said she had to choose between a baby and her charities because he's not about to hire Mary Poppins to help her out, Porsha decides to seek out advice from a therapist.

Moments into the session, we learn that Porsha was actually almost a mama before, but her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage due to her fibroids. Even sadder, based on what Porsha said — that men don't really understand that women can still form an attachment to a baby even though she was only four months along — it sounds like Kordell wasn't really there for her emotionally. For the record, Porsha, if you're reading this, four months is a long ways into growing a baby and most women (and their partners) are attached from day one.

The good news is that Porsha is now 100 percent healthy and ready to start her journey toward parenthood again, except she's scared of feeling alone in the process. With the way Kordell acted last week, we can't say we blame her.

Do you think Porsha needs to talk to Kordell about her feelings?