Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Questions We Want Answered
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Questions We Want Answered

Season 3 has come to a dramatic close and, tragically, we’ll be without Pretty Little Liars for a few months. This gives us time to dwell on all of the questions the show failed to answer in the Season 3 finale. So here is a list of 10 Burning Questions we want answered in Season 4:

Is Ali Red Coat?

We feel we were a bit cheating with this “reveal” in the Season 3 finale. We were promised the identity of Red Coat and all we got was: “Was that Ali? Yes...Probably...Maybe...Mona says Red Coat could have been wearing an Ali mask.” Maybe this is wishful thinking, but we want a definitive answer, dammit!

Does Ali Have a Twin?

Regardless of whether Ali or her twin is Red Coat, we want to know if Courtney Dilaurentis ever existed. This book plot seems too juicy to pass up, even if PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick says they’re “not exploring” the twin storyline. The Liars keep seeing someone who looks like Alison around town. Even if their sightings can be explained away as hallucinations, we still think there is something to this twin theory and we want to know for sure!

What is in Wilden’s Trunk?

The PLL Powers That Be promise that this question will be answered in the Season 4 premiere and, that’s good, because we can’t stop ourselves from wondering! All of the Liars - including Mona - seemed genuinely shocked to see whatever it was in Wilden’s trunk. Was it a dead body (Cece or Jason)? Could it have been evidence linking Wilden to Garrett’s still unsolved murder? And why is Wilden’s car parked outside the Rosewood church? We have a feeling that this is one of those answers that is just going to lead to more questions...

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Questions We Want Answered
Credit: ABC Family    

Is There a “B” Team? Is it Melissa/Jenna/Shana?

There was a lot of scheming going on in the Season 3 finale. Too much, dare we say, for “A” alone? If we assume that Red Coat is the “A” team captain, then it seemed that someone else set the fire and knocked Toby out in the woods. Is there a “B” team working at cross-purposes with “A” and/or the Liars? Is it the unlikely but nonetheless devious trio of Melissa, Shana, and Jenna?

Will Toby’s Do-Rag Be Making Another Appearance?

God, we hope not, but we had to ask because, when it comes to Toby’s do-rag, we don’t like surprises. The last we saw of Toby, he was barely conscious on the forest floor, getting his prints all over the lighter that started the fire. Rosewood does not take kindly to arsonists. Toby should know that better than anyone as he’s already been locked up once for the crime. Will Season 4 see Toby framed for arson again? And, if so, will he be wearing his do-rag in prison? The viewers need to know!

What Will Ezra and Aria Look Like Apart?

Marlene King has said again and again that Ezria is the show’s endgame, but for now it looks like these two are calling it splitsies for real. We all know they’re eventually going to get back together, but what will Aria and Ezra’s storylines look like in the meantime? They’re going to have so much free time on their hands without the daily break-ups. We know that there are some “shocking developments” in store for Ezra (our money is on a handlebar moustache), and that Aria may be getting a martial arts-wiedling love interest(not Holden). Count us in!

What is up with Paily?

Where the heck has Paige been? We know she’s dealing with some pretty intense post-traumatic stress issues, but this girl practically dropped off the face of the planet come season end. We want to know if Paige knew anything about Shana’s Jenna connection (the two did date for three whole weeks over the summer), and if she found anything in her “A” hunt. We know Caleb’s pulled his weight in the past, but he’s been distracted with his dad reunion, so we’re hoping Paige made some progress alone.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Questions We Want Answered
Credit: ABC Family    

Did Caleb Tell Jamie About “A”?

Speaking of Caleb’s dad reunion, we’re still waiting for the resolution to the big Jamie Stole The Bell, But Oh Wait...He Actually Didn’t! storyline. Caleb vented some pretty intense frustrations with formerly estranged father Jamie when he thought he was back to his old thieving ways. It turns out Jamie was framed by “A” (whoops!) and Caleb was left to explain to his father how it was a psychopathic cyber stalker who made him doubt him...without actually mentioning the psychopathic cyber stalker. We’re not sure how that could have ended well for Caleb, but we still want to find out.

Whose Body Was That?!

At this point, we’re not even sure if there is a body this show has turned us in so many directions. Spencer saw someone dead-like in the woods and Toby has confirmed that it was not him playing dead. The police found a body in the woods that fit Toby’s general description that was later sent off to the state coroner’s office to be identified. Was it Jason? Is his death the reason Mrs. Dilaurentis is returning to Rosewood in Season 4?

Will Eddie Lamb Be Back?

So maybe this isn’t as pressing as some of the other questions, but we really liked Eddie. Sure, he could be evil what with his Mona connections and his mysterious past, but he’s so cute! He was super nice to Spencer at a time when she had roughly zero friends (that she was willing to let in, at least), and we were intrigued by his tension with Wren. What was up there? He also mentioned knowing Toby’s mom when she was a patient at Radley. Given that we know Toby’s mom will be making an appearance in the Season 4 premiere, could we be seeing Nurse Eddie Lamb again soon, as well?

What burning question do you want answered in Season 4? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.