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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe NOT a Diva on Set of Dancing With The Stars — Report

Despite recent reports to the contrary, former Bachelor star Sean Lowe's characterization as a diva is incorrect according to new information from people close to the show.

Hollywood Life is reporting "that the diva allegations are 'definitely someone who is very jealous.'"

For fans of Sean on his season of The Bachelor, the accusations of diva-dom seemed at odds with the perception given off by the down-to-earth Texan during his two previous reality show stints. Which is why the reports of Sean reportedly saying in regards to Dancing With The Stars, “this show NEEDS me,” seemed so bizarre and out of character.

But Hollywood Life says “The comment concerning, ‘This show needs me’ is laughable because that actually has been a running joke with some of the other celeb talent as they have been saying it in jest. It is not his attitude.”

The source continues, “He obviously realizes that he is important to the franchise but he has not taken things to his head." For fans of the former Bachelor, the hope is that this report is closer to the truth because diva is not a good look for anyone.

Source: Hollywood Life