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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 17, “Victory”

The only thing on our minds as we dive into Revenge Season 2, Episode 17, "Victory" is the elusive Falcon — the only computer hacker in the world capable of one-upping Nolan Ross's nerd game. But will Emily Thorne be "victorious" in locating the person who assisted the Graysons in framing her father, David Clarke, for the downing of Flight 197 all those years ago?

While we may not meet The Falcon in tonight's episode, we will become acquainted with another person from Emily's past — her abuse foster mother, Meredith Hayward. Eli James (aka the new thorn in Emily's side) brings her to The Hamptons to contribute to the newly-formed Amanda Clarke Foundation. Will seeing mommy-not-so-dearest rekindle the spark in Emily's mission? Run for The Docks if you smell smoke!

Join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Victory” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:01 — Are we the only ones expecting little orphan Amanda to break out into "It's a Hard-Knock Life"?

9:04 — Oh, no you did not Eli! Inviting Amanda's abusive foster mother?! Better get your matches ready, Ems.

9:07 — You collect rare books and rare letters? We're not buying what you're selling, Mr. James.

9:13 — Nolan is a computer hacker, not a sniper shooter, Aiden. Just imagine if he got blood on his madras pants!

9:14 — We have an entire flash drive of pictures of Jack holding baby Carl David. #sorrynotsorry

9:20 — Be careful, Emily! You don't want to get soot on your gorgeous white coat. Oh, and Eli's a liar.

9:25 — Meredith, you may have forgiven Amanda, but she hasn't forgiven you! #watchyourback

9:29 — Get your s— together, Nolan! You have a gun in your hand, not an iPad.

9:30 — Yeah, what have you done, Nolan? Also, why are you just sitting there? GO AFTER HER!

9:39 Eli, we didn't take you for a closet pyromaniac!

9:44 — You better leave, Eli ... or the next time Ems uses her Sharpie it'll be on you!

9:48 — That's what you think, Meredith. But Ems is alive and well... unlike you'll be in a few minutes!

9:50 — Sounds like Nolan has completely given up on finding Padma. Didn't he just tell this girl he loved her?! Maybe chivalry is dead.

9:55 — What's done is done. Bye forever, Eli.

9:57 — Is Jack Porter the new Emily Thorne?! Someone call Takeda!

9:58 — Hello, Clarice. Er, we mean Emily.

10:00 — Queen V has another kid?! This is becoming more complicated than an episode of Teen Mom!

03.25.2013 / 05:58 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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