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Revenge Season 2: Victoria Grayson Has Another Son! Who Is He?

Have you heard the latest? Victoria Grayson’s beloved Danny Boy isn’t her first born or even her sole male offspring. In Revenge Season 2, Episode 17, “Victory,” Mason Treadwell reveals the contents of one of David Clarke’s most telling letters.

It seems the jailbird was worried about his daughter being in foster care because he had seen first hand what the system could do to a child. Which other tot had been thrown into the adoption ring?

It turns out that Victoria Grayson had a son at 16 and put him into the system. Now Emily’s determined to use this intel to her advantage. But who is this son?

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If Victoria had the child when she was 16, she must have conceived him soon after (or right before) her mother kicked her out of the house. This child could have potentially been the product of the sexual abuse Victoria endured at the hands of her mother’s lovers.

We’re not sure of his identity yet, but if he’s a character we already know, our fingers are crossed that it’s Nolan Ross. Seriously, how epic would that be?

The synopsis for Episode 18, “Masquerade,” says that Emily will use the Grayson Halloween ball to pull her skeletons out of the closet. Designer gowns, masks, and a scandal? Sounds like a party!

Who do you think Victoria’s son is? Tell us below!

03.25.2013 / 07:11 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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