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Will Omarosa Ever Be Fired From All-Star Celebrity Apprentice?

It's like she's wearing a hidden immunity idol.

For the second week in a row (at least), Omarosa was the obvious person to be taken into the boardroom and fired from All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, and for the second week in a row the project manager refused to even bring her into the boardroom. Instead for the third week in a row, the PM was fired.

Last week it was La Toya Jackson, who had choice words for Omarosa after they lost the Power challenge. This week, Claudia Jordan was the project manager for Power, and she seemed to do a great job, but her team failed to beat (future All-Star winner?) Marilu Henner's Plan B team.

Last week, La Toya shocked Trump and even Omarosa when she didn't bring Omarosa into the boardroom to potentially be fired. This week, Claudia shocked Trump and even Omarosa when she brought Dennis Rodman and Lil Jon into the boardroom, even though Lil Jon was the big star of the challenge. Dennis probably should've been fired, since no one can even understand his mumbling, but Claudia was ultimately let go. Trump even said it wouldn't have made a difference if Omarosa had been brought into the boardroom (!) since Claudia was project manager and they failed. By that logic, there's no need to ever have a boardroom talk. Just always fire the losing PM.

It was frustrating, but we can see what both the sane-and-stable Claudia and the less stable La Toya made the choices they did. The Celebrity Apprentice is all about branding and Omarosa's whole brand is to be the reality TV villain. There. Is. No. Way. Trump. Will. Fire. Her. Not when there's so much season left. Her absence would leave a drama hole that not even Gary Busey could fill.

Trump thinks everyone is afraid to fight Omarosa, but everyone is afraid to be ripped to shreds only for Omarosa to be saved. Trump loves his reality TV villain pet — they created her image together.

Do you think Trump will ever fire Omarosa, maybe a week or two or three from now, or will she make it to the finals? Do you think she could possibly win, even though she's been a weak link on her team? Is the only important thing to win when you are PM, and you can be as weak as you want away from that role?

03.25.2013 / 08:09 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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