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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2, Episode 17, “Victory”

We love our Revengers, but sometimes their actions make no sense. In Episode 17, “Victory,” we saw some of the biggest WTFs yet. Even though we’re willing to overlook the mysterious “coal bin” Emily Thorne’s foster mother would casually toss her into, there were still some crazy elements in Sunday’s episode.

Here’s what we rounded up:

1. No One Lets Aiden Shoot People Anymore

Aiden Mathis started off Season 2 as the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest gun-toting Brit in the Hamptons. He shot the White-Haired Man right in the back and in a flashback episode, took out a creepy child trafficker named Dmitri with a couple bullets to the chest. Now no one’s letting him shoot known terrorists to keep Padma out of danger. Can’t a brother catch a break?

2. Padma Loves Nolan

OK, so when did this great love affair between Nolan Ross and Padma Lahari start? These two are shedding all kinds of tears and day dreaming about running barefoot down beaches and into each other’s arms, but we had no idea they were so wild about each other in the first place. They had one romantic beachside brunch together before Padma went all rogue and started trying to snag Nolan’s most dangerous light switch for The Initiative. And now they can’t live without each other? Snooze fest. Bring on the Nemily!

3. Emily’s Foster Home Remains the Same

So apparently Ems and her foster bro, Eli James, were major pyromaniacs back in the day. They took out their entire foster home in a giant blaze of glory that was supposed to have destroyed everything. And yet, when Emily and Eli return to the house, it’s exactly the same. Either the abusive foster mother got lots of architects to recreate the place exactly as it was, or this fire wasn’t as intense as we thought.

4. Emily Casually Red X’s in Full View

It looks like Emily’s getting a bit too lax with her revenging. Homegirl has her red Sharpie and Infinity Box out for God and Victoria Grayson to see. She never locks her doors (and rarely closes them), thus leaving all incriminating evidence out in plain sight for anyone to see. In this week’s episode, Eli stops by as Emily’s casually coloring on Meredith’s picture. Obvious much?

5. Victoria Keeps a Random Case of Golden Bullets in her Jewelry Box

We were a little confused at the end of “Victory” when Victoria went to her jewelry box to display a case of golden bullets with two missing. This was to show that Vicki was actually the one sending Daniel threats, not The Initiative, but does anyone else think it’s weird that this Hamptonite stores major weaponry next to her pearls? No? Just us? OK then.

What did you think of these WTFs? Tell us below!

03.26.2013 / 08:01 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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