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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Versus The Voice 2013: Shakira and Mariah Carey Battle Round

When you put The Voice 2013 judge Shakira up against American Idol 2013 judge Mariah Carey in a face to face bout, which lady claws her way to win? Our first Idol judges versus Voice coaches battle round starts now!

Shakira is the new female star of The Voice 2013, basically taking over Christina Aguilera’s seat on the show. We initially thought of putting Shakira up against American Idol 2013 judge Nicki Minaj in our battle round between the two, but decided she was more of a match to Mariah Carey with her multiple Grammy Awards, Golden Globe and international superstar appeal.

From what we’ve seen of Shakira on The Voice Season 3 spoilers promo clips so far, we’re excited by her energetic, brash and excitable personality. She seems genuinely into the whole experience of being on the show and rooting out great talent. Not only does she want passion from the singer, she exudes passion as a judge — even reportedly experiencing “hot flashes” over contestants she really wants. Adam Levine calls her a total “firecracker” and producer Mark Burnet says it is very hard “not to fall in love with her.”

On American Idol 2013, Mariah Carey is perhaps the most disappointing addition to the judging panel. We adore and worship the diva that she is, but Mariah often seems disengaged and bored with the whole thing. Sometimes she is so distracted from what is going on, she repeats questions just asked by the judge right next to her. Her comments are generally non-controversial, rather bland, and — when they are interesting — seem mostly emotionally based and not so much about the quality of the singer’s talent.

Mariah also just seems to lack very much energy or excitement about being on American Idol 2013. Maybe she was just drained by all that early feuding with Nicki Minaj during the auditions rounds. Or perhaps she’s just trying to be the calm, unruffled voice on the panel to balance out Nicki’s wild antics and loud personality. Whatever it is that has Mariah so mellow and detached, we wish she would loosen up a little and get a bit more real.

Winner: Shakira with a scorecard win. Comparatively, Shakira just beats out Mariah on personality points.

Stay tuned for our next American Idol 2013 judges versus The Voice 2013 coaches battle round tomorrow!

03.26.2013 / 03:30 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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