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American Idol

American Idol’s Keith Urban Wants Judges To Be Tough But Sensitive

While American Idol judge Keith Urban is the new kid on the judging block, he does have some opinions on how the judges need to, you know, judge.

In an interview with People, he was asked about American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine who believes that the Idol judges should be a little tougher.

"He is right," says Urban, who shares judging duties with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson. "It is not easy for us a lot of the time because we are just coming from a different place. We're artists talking to a young artist on camera in front of millions of people, trying to give constructive criticism in a way that doesn't humiliate them. I don't ever want to humiliate somebody."

Keith went on to discuss the nuanced approach judges have to take that can complicate the idea of simply being tough for the sake of appearance.

"Sometimes they are in a particularly fragile state," he says. "You can just see it. They are not ready for [criticism] to be delivered to them and I am going to defer in that situation. Someone else, it might look like they are listening ... Then let's talk about why [the performance] wasn't so good and they're receptive to that. I am trying to find balance always."

Given his performing background and the fact that the Aussie native participated in televised singing competitions, Keith is particularly sensitive to the unique challenge faced by contestants. And given the contestants and audience reaction to him, I think it's being noticed.

Source: People

03.26.2013 / 06:36 PM EDT by Knox McCoy
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