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The Bachelor

Catherine Giudici Supports Sean Lowe By Doing the Murgalo on Rodeo Drive!

Sean Lowe is perhaps the only reason we would ever lay face-down on a sidewalk, and that is exactly what Catherine Giudici is doing in support of her man. On Monday, March 25, Catherine tweeted the above photo of herself — with Sean’s good friend Mark Kurian — doing “the Murgalo.” The Murgalo is a dance move Sean and his Dancing With The Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd made up (and named after their portmanteau team name).

The move basically entails laying face-down on a hard surface, jutting your butt up in the air, and looking entirely naturally about the whole thing.

Credit: Instagram    

During a daytime jaunt on Rodeo Drive (because why not), Catherine and Mark took a spirit break to Murgalo on the sidewalk. “@mkurian and me doing the #murgalo outside Peter Marco. So freakin excited about tonight!” Catherine tweeted. Catherine will be supporting her Bachelor fiance from the DWTS audience, along with Sean’s sister Shay and her husband and two kids, all in town from Dallas.

Sean retweeted the photo with praise for his fiancee. “Extra points for doing it on Rodeo Drive,” Sean wrote, to which Catherine replied, “The cleanest ground in LA. Only for you honey boo.”

Sean will be dancing the jive tonight, and he’s nervous about over-thinking the steps, he revealed to Elliot in the Morning. “My goal is just to outwork everybody, because I don’t have the most talent as far as dancing goes,” Sean said. “I think as long as I keep putting in the six to eight hours a day, I can last a long time.”

Go Team Murgalo!

Source: @SeanLowe09, @clmgiudici