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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Burke: Dancing With the Stars 2013 Judges “Humiliated” D.L. Hughley

Comedians rarely do well on Dancing With the Stars, but it's also rare for anyone to do so poorly they earn a score of (cringe) 12. D.L. Hughley had a lackluster Season 16 Week 1 Cha-Cha-Cha that showed his partner, Cheryl Burke, doing the bulk of the work. But did it deserve a 12?

Cheryl talked to TV Guide about the dance, and she felt the scores were "definitely harsh." She was expecting something like one 5 and two 6s, or three 6s, but not three 4s. "I think a lot of people who got three 6s weren't much better than D.L. A lot of them were on the same level," Cheryl said. Do you agree with that? Wherever you stand on D.L.'s Week 1 dance, you have to feel a little sorry for him, since he was so publicly trounced, beyond anyone else on the premiere.

"He felt humiliated," Cheryl said. "He felt that the judges were a little harsh and that they didn't really give him any constructive criticism. They did say it looked under-rehearsed, but basically they just said how horrible it was. They didn't really offer any encouraging words, so that was frustrating for him. My job is to keep his head up and to get him ready for this week and hopefully improve our scores. It was a wake-up and I told him we have another chance to prove ourselves."

Tonight, they have the Quickstep, and Cheryl said D.L. is loving it more than the Cha-Cha, "so hopefully we'll come out there and you'll see some improvement." Do you think they can pull off a comeback? On the upside, it would be hard to do worse!

Do you think Boogie Fantastic was underscored? Sound off in the comments!

Source: TV Guide