Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Season 16, Week 2 — “Hunger Games in Tights”
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Season 16, Week 2 — “Hunger Games in Tights”

Put on your dancing shoes, y’all — it’s time to kick off Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 2 performances. Tune in with us for our DWTS Season 16 Week 2 live recap, starting at 8 p.m. ET sharp!

After seeing the new contestants (and pros!) impressive first round last week, we’re ready to see who has improved and who could be the first pair to go home. Tonight’s episode will showcase three dance styles: jazz, the jive, and the quickstep. There are plenty of fan favorites already — including teen sensation Zendaya, country songstress Kellie Pickler, and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman — but it’s anyone’s game tonight.

Now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more, and until the episode starts, here’s a mesmerizing GIF of Tristan MacManus spinning around to keep you occupied.

 photo tumblr_m21f6mbPpO1qencqgo1_250_zps0d5f6093.gif

— We love that Lisa Vanderpump is wearing her signature color — pink! — but Andy Dick's "Mad Hatter" ensemble is amazing. And Zendaya gets an honorable mention for the fringe!

8:01 — Who wore it best: OUAT's Sebastian Stan or Andy Dick?

8:04 — Ingo is totally charming. His footwork could use a little work, but team Aussie for the win!

8:06 — I don't think I have the rhyming skills to be a judge on DWTS. "BINGO INGO!"

8:09 — Ingo scores a "SEEEEEVEEEEEEN" from Len... and Bruno!

8:14 — Dorothy has an injury in Week 2?! That's rough. If this sends Tristan home in Week 2 again, we will not be happy.

8:16 — So that wasn't the cleanest jive (not even close), but we have to hope D.L. Hughley does worse than that... right?

8:18 — Sometimes I'm like, "Len, I can't even uderstand what you're saying right now."

8:19 — Here's an exclusive preview of Mark and Aly's Quickstep.

8:25 — Straight fives for Tristan and Dorothy... and that's generous. Here's hoping these two make it to dance another week!

8:25 — Jacoby Jones acts like a 14-year-old boy — and we kinda like it.

8:26 — Is Carrie Ann going to like these lifts? Because we love them.

8:27 — Never doubt a football player!

8:28 — Razzle dazzle and razzmatazz? Len really liked this jazz routine.

8:34 — Jazz hands are necessary for a jazz routine. 23/30 for Jacoby and Karina! "Not bad, but I got more work to do." We like his determination!

8:35 — Aw, Lindsay. You're adorable.

8:37 — Maybe Victor should stick to boxing?

8:38 — OK, well, he did just jump over her head, so...

8:40 — Bruno just compared Victor's jive to a "zumba" dance. Buuuurrrrrn.

8:41 — How many drinks has Carrie Ann had?

8:48 — This is the best entry ever. Scooters?! But shiny props won't distract us from this sad, sad Quickstep.

8:50 — Well, Dorothy looks like a Mirror Ball champ right now.

8:50 — We just realized Tony has a fake mustache. (That's how much cringed througout this performance.)

8:51 — "You're playing it very, very safe," says Carrie Ann. We agree. Has she learned nothing from Kirstie Alley?!

8:55 — "I needed my handcuffs to put them on Len."

8:56 — So Wynonna gets straight sixes? Seems a little high to us...

8:57 — "Step away from the pole... what every good father should say to his daughter." Love ya, Val!

8:59 — So.... Zendaya can pretty much do anything. Also, work that fringe, girl!

9:00 — Carrie Ann has nothing but praise, but no razzmatazz from Len! JK, he still loves it.

9:01 — Annnnnd Tom cuts off Bruno.

9:02 — Two nines and an eight! We think Zendaya is going to be the first one to get a 10.

9:03 — "Wow. Imagine how great she's going to be when she's 17..." We love your sarcasm, Tom.

9:03 — "His contribution was the demented worm" Never change, Andy Dick!


9:06 — Everybody loves it — and really, how could you not like that wacky Alice in Wonderland routine?

9:12 — Andy and Sharna get a 20/30. Not bad for a Mad Hatter!

9:13 — If DWTS was like high school, Sean Lowe would be a total bro. "I didn't take a shower yesterday or today."

9:15 — But this bro can Jive! NIce extension in those legs, Sean! We're pleasantly surprised.

9:17 — Len, however, would not give his rose to Sean. "Why are you so cranky," someone screams? Maks, is that you?!

9:22 — A six from Len and two sevens. Sean is going to need those roses, ladies!

9:23 — Aly looks FIERCE in the ballroom tonight. Girl came to win. What do her Team USA BFFs -- Gabby, McKayla, Jordan, and Kyla -- think of her dancing?

9:25 — We agree with Len: Best Quickstep of the night!

9:34 — Love the music... the dancing? Not so much. Sorry Lisa. Maybe next time?

9:35 — Wait. WHERE IS GIGGY?

9:35 — "You were trying to fly, but you never really took off." We totally agree with Len. Do you?

9:36 — "You're not used to commerical flights!" Touche, Bruno.

9:36 — Carrie Ann just called Gleb out on those lifts! It was an awkward moment for everyone.

9:37 — Sixes all around. Could be worse, right Dorothy?

9:42 — "Hunger Games In Tights." Maybe ABC should rename the series? This one is kinda catchy!

9:44 — We really want D.L. Hughley to succeed. Homeboy is stressing out!

9:45 — It's already 100x better than last week. Do you agree?

9:46 — "I'm so proud of you." Awwww! Cheryl stop being adorable!

9:47 — Tom is really killing it tonight.

9:47 — "It doesn't really matter where you start." Len, are you feeling OK right now?

9:48 — Two fives and a six from Bruno! We're feeling a little verklempt.

8:54 — "I don't know what the hell is going on in Derek's head." Neither do we, Kellie. We never do.

9:54 — Ellie Goulding alert! "Lights" for a jazz routine? OK.

9:55 — Derek is shirtless, FYI.

9:56 — "If you're just tuning in, we're playing 'Find the Body Fat.'" Word, Tom.

9:57 — Carrie Ann has reached "Paula" status right now.

9:58 — We have to admit: Kellie Pickler has an incredible frame. Her footwork was so on-point!

What did you think of tonight's performances? Which one was your favorite? And who do you think is going home? Sound off in the comments!