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Teen Mom

Gary Head Poses Shirtless, Shows Off Array of Chest Tattoos (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2 fans, prepare your ovaries (read: shield your eyes). Gary Head, the former fiancé of our favorite reality starlet Jenelle Evans, is single and ready to mingle. And he's showing the ladies of Twitter what they're missing out on.

Credit: Twitter    

Over the weekend, Gary took a break from whatever it is he does to strip down to his skivvies for an impromptu photoshoot with himself. "Def time to get a tan. Getting pale Hurry up Summer," the ex-Marine tweeted on March 23, along with the shirtless pic.

We'd like to take this time to analyze the artistry of Gary's first shirtless selfie. Rather than going for a classic MySpace-style mirror pic, Gary took the image from overhead while lying on his back. His "Family First" and "YOLO" tattoos are partially showing, along with the key on his right hip. (Key to what? His heart? His mind? His chastity belt?) Basically, it's the most beautiful and disturbing thing we've ever seen, sigh...

But don't let us sway your opinion of Jenelle's shirtless ex! Are you digging Gary's selfie? We promise not to judge (much).