Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Which Couple Should Break Up?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Which Couple Should Break Up?

Though we hate to see our favorite Grey’s Anatomy doctors heartbroken, sometimes relationships just don’t work out. No, we’re not talking about those who were separated by death (ahem, Mark and Lexie) — we’re talking about those who are together, but obviously shouldn’t be.

Case in point: Remember Callie and George (R.I.P.)? We never wanted to see 007 sad, but it was clear that things weren’t going to work out, no matter how long Cal tried to fool herself into being straight. And hey, what about Izzie and Alex? Sure, we were rooting for them, but once your wife flees, it’s time to move on — perhaps to Jo? We’re hoping so.

In Season 9, there aren’t many couples who are on the fritz, but if we’re being honest, there are a handful who could split without us throwing a tantrum. Among them are Cristina and Owen (are they even still together?), Jackson and Stephanie, April and Matthew, Richard and Catherine, Bailey and Ben (he is gone, after all), and Jo and Jason. On the other hand, if Meredith and Derek or Callie and Arizona ever split, we’d be hysterical.

Considering that TV Guide recently revealed that a couple is “calling it quits after some seriously dishonestly in the relationship” this season, we’re taking bets for who will break up. Who would you miss the least? Cast your vote below!

None of them should break up!

Everyone should break up!

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