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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Says Paul Wesley Will Never Talk to Him Again After…

If you watched The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 17, “Because the Night,” you saw Ian Somerhalder in guyliner when his character, Damon Salvatore, flashed back to the 1970s.

Unfortunately, Damon’s brother, Stefan, was nowhere to be seen in that decade. But Entertainment Weekly had Ian Somerhalder imagine what the younger Salvatore would’ve looked like. Using a cardboard cutout of Paul Wesley, Ian decked his on-screen sibling out in a ‘fro, moustache, Forever 21 leather jacket, and teal bell bottoms. He also added some hot pink padding to a certain area to make the effect more, ahem, 3-D.

“Paul’s a pretty macho guy,” Ian said of his co-star. “I think we should bring out more of his feminine side.” This included putting a necklace and sparkly purple butterfly on the cutout.

We have to say, Paul still looks pretty good, even with the creepy ‘stach. But Ian was worried. “Paul is probably never gonna talk to me again,” the actor predicted as he placed a purple hat on top of the wig.

Don’t underestimate the Polish hottie’s sense of humor, Ian! Paul tweeted out the video (which you can watch below), writing, “good one.”

Maybe one day Paul will get to return the favor and dress up Ian in ‘80s garb.

Source: Entertainment Weekly