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If Demi Lovato Was a Boy: Singer’s Surprisingly Dirty To-Do List

We all know what Beyonce would do if she were a boy... but what about fellow songstress Demi Lovato?

Demi is currently touring in Asia, and during a recent radio interview in Singapore, the pop star was asked some pretty — uh, interesting — questions. In the middle of an on-air chat with host The Double Ds (yes, that really is their names — see, this whole thing is getting dirty already) Demi had to reveal the first three things she would do if she one day woke up as a man.

After her initial laughter at the question subsided, Demi responded glibly. “I’d probably look down at my pants,” she said. “Probably see what’s going on down there.”

Yep, Demi just took it there. But what did you expect with a question like that?

For her next answer, Demi then tried to keep it a little bit cleaner and more generic. “I don’t really know. I’d probably go, like, play football, or something,” she said.

Okay, forget all this trying to play things with caution. Demi’s mind went in the gutter on this one, and she’s not even going to pretend it didn’t. “And then I’d just... figure out how that thing works down there, you know what I mean?”

Yeah, we think we catch your drift there, Dems. Thanks for that.

Source: 987fmOnlyTheHits on YouTube

03.26.2013 / 04:58 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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