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Dancing With The Stars

Sean Lowe Is Closest to Which Dancing With the Stars 2013 Celeb?

We know Bachelor Sean Lowe is good with the ladies, but he wins over the guys too!

The Dancing With the Stars Season 16 contestant talked to Elliot In The Morning about how the cast is bonding this season, and it sounds like he has a bromance bestie.

"The celebrities are all really nice people,” Sean said. “I've enjoyed getting to know them. I’m probably closest with Victor Ortiz, super nice guy. You know, we’ve got a lot in common, both Kansas guys with athletic backgrounds. He's become a good buddy of mine." And they both have sweet-and-sexy smiles!

Sean ended up toward the middle of the pack after Week 1. He'd like to do better than a 19, score-wise, but he admitted he really struggled with his Week 2 Jive. It’s “incredibly difficult” because “it’s so fast” and he’s been overthinking the moves. But he has a bit of a plan for how he can survive to the end of the season. “My goal is just to outwork everybody, because I don’t have the most talent as far as dancing goes, but I think as long as I keep putting in the 6-8 hours a day, I can last a long time.” Maybe his buddy Victor will get to the end with him!

Do you think Team Murgalo has what it takes to go the distance?

Source: Elliot In The Morning