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Jersey Shore

Snooki Reveals How She Almost Picked The Real World Over Jersey Shore! (VIDEO)

It looks like Snooki was itching to be on reality TV for years, even way before she was cast on Jersey Shore. Did you know that when Snooks was back in college, she almost sent in an audition tape for another MTV show, The Real World?

“Before I was cast on MTV’s Jersey Shore, I considered auditioning for The Real World,” she revealed in a recent interview with Celebuzz. “I was a huge fan, and I still am, and that made me want to be on reality TV, actually!” She explained that during her first year in college, she went through a phase of being bored with school and ended up making her own Real World audition tape.

“It was kinda lame,” she admitted. “I actually watched it two months ago and it was so boring.” Boring? Now that’s a word we’d never associate with the fabulous Snooki! Even though she never sent in her tape, soon after, Snooks saw another audition for a show with guidos and thought, “Oh, that’s me!” And the rest, as they say, was history.

But who was Snooki’s reality star idol that inspired her to be on TV? Johanna Botta from The Real World: Austin! Snooki was “obsessed with that whole season of her and Wes,” loving how fun and dramatic her guilty pleasure was, full of fights and drunken messes. “When I met Johanna, it was like meeting Lady Gaga for some people,” Snooki admitted.

Snooki even partied with Johanna, sneaking into a club at 19 just to see her and Wes in person. The three ended up partying together that night, doing shots and dancing on the bar. And when Snooki officially met Johanna afterwards, the reality star remembered her! We’re not surprised, as Snooki is certainly an unforgettable and awesome person.

Are you surprised that Snooki almost auditioned for The Real World? What do you think of her meeting her idol Johanna? Sound off below!

Source: Celebuzz

03.26.2013 / 04:30 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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