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The Period Store Prepares You For Aunt Flo With Monthly Subscription Box

There are so many wonderful things about being a woman, and yet, once a month, we must prepare ourselves for the worst our body has to offer. Our ladylike posture gives way to the fetal position, and our normally contagious smile is replaced by an ugly sneer indicating that our insides are being scooped out by a spoon.

Natalie Portman’s character’s roommate from No Strings Attached described her period as “a crime scene in my pants," and we think that sounds about right.

Maybe it’s just our haywire hormones, but we’re kind of on the fence about this new monthly subscription box. Are we really so lazy that we can’t just plan ahead of time with our own tampons and Ibuprofen stash like we’ve been doing since we first thought our body was slowly dying from the inside?

Yeah, we get that some women may really love receiving their supplies via UPS so they don’t have to a) make the totally hot cashier ring through that box of ‘extra heavy’ feminine napkins or b) make their significant other look like a total tool during a tampon run. The Period Store even allows women to construct their own care package with either traditional, international, or eco-friendly products.

Also, they send chocolate and tea. Alright, that’s pretty awesome.

The Period Store has customers take a short survey about their Aunt Flo so the timing is as perfect as possible, and customers can either opt for the Treats package (sans feminine products) or the Lite, Medium, or Heavy packages (annoying yet totally practical titles) with one, two, or three customized products, respectively.

What do you think about The Period Store’s monthly care package? Would you ever consider a monthly subscription? Sound off below!

Source: The Period Store

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03.26.2013 / 01:34 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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