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The Voice

The Voice 2013: Season 3 Contestants Give Upcoming Season 4 Contestants Advice

We can’t wait for tonight’s Season 4 premiere of The Voice on March 25, and for the contestants who auditioned, keeping audition results quiet is sure to be a daily struggle. But the blind auditions are only the beginning, and some of Season 3’s top contestants want to give the newbies some tips.

The Hollywood Reporter gathered up the tips from some of our favorites. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Cassadee Pope: "Authenticity draws people in, and it's what the audience relates to the most."

2. Terry McDermott: “When we were getting into the deep, dark live rounds, we were getting to the point where you really didn’t have any time. I actually ended up buying a big parka so that I could basically sleep in hallways and couches.”

3. Nicholas David: “Target had a sale on iPads, and I bought the cheapest one so I could do the Skype thing [with my family].”

4. Amanda Brown: “The best thing to do is speak up and say what it is that you have in mind for yourself in the future, musically and on the show, and [Adam Levine] does his very best to try and nurture that.”

5. Bryan Keith: "[Adam’s] coaching is very fast; he’s like, 'I know you can do this, I already can hear that you can do this, so let’s just do it.' It helped because it put me under pressure."

6. Melanie Martinez: “It’s about making it fun for [fans], to keep yourself relevant so they don’t forget about you. With these singing shows, you forget about the people because they’re not on TV anymore. Have a name for the fans once the blind auditions come out, because that’s when everything starts. Post funny things, post a lot of pictures regarding the show, just post a lot!"

7. Cody Belew: “After about week two of it being on TV, I stopped looking at YouTube comments completely, because it seemed like YouTube was the place where it was the most nasty and vicious. It really did affect me in a way I wasn’t prepared for.”

What do you think of the contestants’ advice? Weigh in below!

Source: Hollywood Reporter