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What Do The Kardashians Stand To Lose In Lawsuit Over Beauty Brand?

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian took quite a blow to their beauty brand, Khroma, when the newly launched line was hit with a legal injunction recently.

Two different companies, called Chroma and Kroma, separately threatened legal action over their trademarked names last year. A California judge found merit in makeup artist Lee Tillett’s claim that Khroma was too close to her Kroma brand, and hit the Kardashians with an injunction. A wrench in the works, to be sure, but what do they actually stand to lose here?

Answer: Not a lot. According to New York magazine, the Kardashians have already pocketed a $1 million signing bonus from Boldface Licensing + Branding, which owns Khroma’s beauty license. If things don’t go their way in court, the Kardashians will miss out on royalties down the line, but they’re certainly not losing any money.

The one taking the real hit, of course, is Boldface Licensing + Branding. The company has appealed the judge’s decision, which prevented Khroma products from being restocked in stores. The injunction is temporarily lifted while the appeal is reviewed, but lawyers for the company claim that if it is ultimately upheld, Boldface will lose tens of millions of dollars, and could very well go out of business.

That’s a rough spot to be in, and it seems like the Kardashians were pretty cagey to have stayed clear of it. We’re sure it’s rough market out there, but really, that was the only name you could come up with? Seems like this whole trademark trouble could have been avoided with one quick internet search and a couple of trips back to the drawing board.


03.26.2013 / 11:14 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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