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Dancing With The Stars

Wynonna Judd: Andy Dick and I Bonded As Underdogs on Dancing With the Stars 2013

Who would've imagined country star Wynonna Judd bonding with comedian Andy Dick? Before the Dancing With the Stars Season 16 premiere, we would’ve been surprised, but now we can see it. We get it even more after listening to a chat between the two stars, via RumorFix.

"You know what I tell people is that you and I, under any other circumstance, have nothing in common," Wynonna admits to Andy. "But I said, one of the first things — you sat next to me and you kinda laid your head on my shoulder. I don't know, I just had this affection for you."

She had no idea about his past. "I see you as you, with a top hat on [for Week 1 Foxtrot] looking like you're so mortified — and I know I'm mortified, and you and I are so merged in that weakness moment. So it's almost like, 'My friend and I, we're bonding, we're holding together and we're merging in this madness!’"

Wynonna told Andy she identifies with him. "You and I are the ones that people are looking at like, sort of the underdogs." Andy told her he was called the "dark horse" in Vegas odds, picked as the one most likely to go home first. “I think people tuned in to see me fall on my face," Andy said. "And I didn’t, and you didn’t. We kicked ass."

Yeah! Watch their little video here. Are you rooting for them to keep going strong?

Source: RumorFix