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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky Spills on the Best US City for Dateable Dudes!

Dating sucks, you guys. Dating on TV? Well, it doesn’t seem all it’s cracked up to be. But while Ali Fedotowsky has gone on quite a few televised dates all over the world — between her stint as Season 6’s Bachelorette and a Season 14 Bachelor contestant — she has some pretty definite opinions about the best cities for dating in the US of A.

“I’ve been single over a year now, a year and two months, but who’s counting? Exactly 14 months and three days…” Ali joked to A Drink With in a February 2013 interview. “So I’m ready at this point!” Which city gets the petite blonde with the infectious smile’s stamp of approval? You might be surprised (especially if you watched her season of the ABC show).

“I’ve found out of all of the cities [I've been to], I like the guys in Chicago the most,” Ali discloses (coughFrankcoughcough). There you have it folks — if we’re going to trust anyone about where to find the best dudes for dating, a professional dater (literally) seems like the best person to ask. So which cities are a little less awesome, man-wise?

“In L.A. they are all actors and pretty boys. In New York they’re a little more hardcore and rough around the edges, which is terrifying for me. Chicago is by far my favorite city,” Ali explains. “I lived in San Francisco for about five years before I went on The Bachelor and that was always my favorite city but now Chicago has bumped it down the list.” While Ali currently resides in LA, she does travel for work, meaning she shouldn’t have trouble checking out the scene in all the cities so we can continue to date vicariously through her.

Take note, gentlemen.

Source: A Drink With