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American Idol

American Idol 2013: Season 12 Top 8 Contestants Roundup — Our Faves!

Eight is enough? On American Idol 2013, we’ll have to see! Perhaps the judges will use their save on next Thursday’s results show. We have to admit, however, that if a guy is on the chopping block, we doubt that will happen.

The theme is Detroit: The Music of Motor City (in other words, “Motown”!), and these last eight hopefuls better pick wisely. It almost always comes down to song choice, and some of these singers have a better knack for that than others.

Here is our roundup for the American Idol 2013 Top 8:

Our Fave Guy:

Burnell TaylorThere are only three guys left and, quite frankly, we think they will be the first ones to go in the coming weeks. Burnell is the only one who has a shot at making the finals, as the judges love his tone, and he has yet to make any missteps performance-wise. Even though he didn’t know “Let It Be (shame on him!)” this past week, he gave a beautiful rendition.

Our Least Fave Guys:

Lazaro ArbosSorry, but we are not a fan of the pity votes. The fact that Amber Holcomb ended up in the bottom three after Lazaro stunk up the place with the hot mess that was his Beatles performance really irked us. Sure, we felt a little bad for him that he didn’t get his first song choice and he was upset but, as Jimmy Iovine pointed out, the other hopefuls are in the same situation.

Devin VelezThis guy does more runs than a marathoner in training and, frankly, we are tired of it. While the judges are still fairly impressed with him, we don’t think he has the chops or the fan base to last much longer.

Our Fave Girls:

Kree HarrisonWhile the others were downright shameful when it came to knowing the Beatles music this past week, this girl was raised in a musical household. She took her vast knowledge and used it to her advantage, and we think she’ll continue to do so.

Amber HolcombSadly, Amber struggles with her confidence, and that sometimes translates on stage, but when you listen–really listen–to her, she’s like Whitney reincarnated. We agree with Jimmy that she should have been in the Top Three as opposed to the Bottom Three.

Angie MillerWhile we agree with Jimmy that she emotes a bit too much on stage, Angie has been so consistent with her performances, and her voice is almost angelic. We hope she gets back to the piano this week, as she’s simply amazing there.

Candice GloverWe’re not sure this girl has enough widespread appeal to make the finals, but there’s no doubt this girl can “blow,” as Randy Jackson would say. Her rendition of “Girl On Fire” way back during Hollywood Week was astoundingly good.

Our Least Fave Girl:

Janelle ArthurThis one was hard, as her performance of the lesser known Beatles song “I Will” this past week was sweet and tender. In another season, she might even be one of our favorites, but the girls this year are just so tough. Having had a few missteps performance-wise, we don’t think she’ll go all the way on Idol.

Who are your faves and least faves?

03.27.2013 / 09:05 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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