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American Idol 2013 Versus The Voice 2013: Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine Battle Round

In our American Idol 2013 judges versus The Voice 2013 coaches series, all of the matchups just fell easily in place... except when it came to Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj. Then it hit us... both of them end up as the oddballs out because, well, they are both the eccentrics in their respective casts!

If Cee Lo Green had been on The Voice Season 3, we would have immediately paired him and his crazy outfits up against Nicki Minaj and her wild wigs. Without Cee Lo, however, we just didn’t find a good battle round fit for Nicki until we realized we couldn’t find one for Adam either. In their differences from the other judges/coaches on their panels, Nicki and Adam actually ended up as a nice match!

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is just kind of a strange guy. He is extremely intense, weirdly emotional, and he’s also really damn funny when really lets loose. He’s also not a bit afraid to tell it like it is, on the show and off, as he’s demonstrated repeatedly. Plus, Adam says he can’t help it if he cries and freaks out over contestants he really wants and he can’t hide it when he thinks a singer is spectacular — which makes him entirely entertaining to watch.

While Adam’s track record with picking out his team members has been a rather mixed bag so far on The Voice, he did win with season 1’s Javier Colon. Of all of the judges in previous seasons, Adam tended to end up with the widest variety of ‘types’ in his bucket. Looking at the coaches this season, that could prove true once again. For diversity of singers, Adam has always been very open to all flavors and that’s part of what makes him a great judge.

For Nicki Minaj, the weirdness of her personality is her biggest draw. Beneath her crazy makeup, colorful wigs, and wacky fashion choices, Nicki seems just as out-there inside as she does outside. That’s part of why we love her! Nicki makes the weirdest, most fun, wonky comments of any judge on American Idol past or present. She flirts outrageously, has crazy nicknames for everyone, and seems totally jazzed to be sitting on the judges’ panel. For pure entertainment value, Nicki Minaj is just a joy to watch in action.

When it comes to critiques, however, we’re not really sure sometimes what Nicki is thinking... or saying. Sometimes she seems to love a performance that everyone else thinks is horrible. She defends her favorite contestants even when they have absolutely terrible nights. Her commentary, while fun to listen to, often wanders off into the stratosphere and rambles on a bit too long. She may be a champion of the ‘freaks and geeks’ on the show, but we’re not quite sure she can really tell who has genuine talent, and who just has a great story.

Winner: Majority draw decision. We just can’t really give this round to either judge, although Adam Levine perhaps has a slight edge with his more useful and insightful commentary. For the fun factor, thought, we have to lean toward Nicki Minaj. So, in the end, we had to call it a draw.

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03.27.2013 / 04:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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